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Sesamouse adds more gestures to the Magic Mouse, like real pinch zooming and rotation. It even sends finger positions for advanced multitouch software to use.
What's New
Version 1.2 moves Sesamouse to the menu bar, and adds configurable swipe actions: * Converted Sesamouse icon to system menu bar to avoid taking space in the Dock. * Added options to trigger Exposé, Desktop, Spaces or Dashboard actions for up and down swipes. * Since beta: made swipe options less opinionated, added note about gestures to preferences window.
  • Intel
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • On Mac OS X 10.5, works for gestures only
  • Magic Mouse.

MacUpdate - Sesamouse

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Sesamouse User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Megaman reviewed on 10 Mar 2010
I've been following the development of Sesamouse, MagicPrefs and BetterTouchTool and used all three extensively.

For me, Sesamouse, whilst not as customisable as the other two, is the most stable and reliable.

I have scroll lag issues with both others and find MagicPrefs particularly frustrating when I try to perform one gesture (i.e. swipe left/right) only to have another gesture execute as well (zoom in/out).

And BTT will often just quite.

The only issue I've ever had with Sesamouse is very occasionally, it stops recognising my zoom in gestures. A simple click on the application's Mouse Viewer seems to fix it.

I commend the developer for approaching this app sensibly - it simply just works.
[Version 1.2]



Flash1296 reviewed on 08 Mar 2010
Does absolutely nothing at all.
[Version 1.2 beta]

3 Replies

Natevw (developer) replied on 08 Mar 2010
It's very frustrating when people leave negative reviews and terrible ratings, without even sharing details that could help me find a possible bug.

I released this beta of version 1.2 because it was working well for a several early testers. If something doesn't work as expected, email or please at least leave more information about the problem you are having.

Flash1296 replied on 08 Mar 2010
I apologize for my absurd brevity.
Empty comments are not productive.

I am running 10.6.2 in 64 biy mode on a brand new 27" iMac with i5 Quad Core processors.

When I launch Sesamouse, this is what happens:
There is a LARGE on-screen window that shows where my fingers are on the mouse.
There is a Finder menu item that reveals Preferences and Update.
The latter is self-explantory.
The former has but TWO menus.
The first is for upward swipes and the second is for downward swipes.

There are no options for taps, etc.
The option that is most important - the ability to ZOOM in and out is also absent.
Natevw (developer) replied on 08 Mar 2010
Thanks for the very helpful followup, Flash! I'm glad to hear the app is loading and the blue dots are showing up in the practice/preview window ("Mouse Viewer").

The trick with Sesamouse is that you need to perform the gestures towards the middle off the mouse. There is a dotted line in the mouse window that shows the top area where gestures are ignored and the middle area where they work. Your fingers have to start in the middle area to be recognized. (Kinda annoying, I know, but makes it a lot easier to detect the difference between a gesture and just holding the mouse.)

The preferences window just has options for the features new in this version. There are several apps out there that let you add tons of raw keyboard shortcuts to Magic Mouse. What's always made Sesamouse different is that it sends "real" rotate, zoom and finger position information while it's running. So I didn't think to add options to disable those, but I can see now how that's confusing for new Sesamouse users.


Megaman reviewed on 16 Feb 2010
OK, I thought I'd give Sesamouse one more go as I've been getting a little frustrated with BTT and MagicPrefs.

This time, whilst it doesn't have the myriad of options the others do, it seems to be quite stable and pinch, swipes and scrolls work well.

My biggest issue with the other two was that 1. scrolling would always lag and 2. swiping back or forward would often result in text size going bigger or smaller (i.e. pinch to zoom).

Sesamouse so far has had none of the problems with others have.

Watch this space folks. If the developer sticks with it, this app has great potential.
[Version 1.1]

Natevw (developer) commented on 19 Jan 2010
One other note:

If you have a newer MacBook or MacBook Pro with the multitouch "glass" trackpad, Sesamouse will probably not work correctly with a connected Magic Mouse. I'll be looking into a fix, but for now it will work best if you don't already have a gesture-capable computer.
[Version 1.0]


Mark Everitt commented on 19 Jan 2010
Does nothing. I just get an image of the mouse and nothing else happens, whatever I do with the magic mouse.
[Version 1.0]

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Megaman replied on 19 Jan 2010
I played around with this for a couple of minutes. Does absolutely nothing. Makes me wonder if it's not some sort of Trojan.

There's no help or preference option. When I selected the 'check for updates' option, it failed.

Avoid this. It's a waste of time.
Natevw (developer) replied on 19 Jan 2010
Hi guys. Very sorry to hear it is not working for you. I plan to work on an update this morning (which should also fix the automatic update issue) that includes help, but wanted to explain it here so you can get it quicker:

When you load Sesamouse with your Magic Mouse connected, it should say "Loading" and then "Ready" for a few seconds. After that, move the cursor over Sesamouse and touch the mouse. You should see your fingers in blue dots like in the screenshot. If you make "iPhone-style" gestures in the middle of the mouse, it should preview things like pinch magnification and rotation. If that is working, you should be able to hide Sesamouse and still magnify and rotate images in iPhoto and Preview or any other supporting app.

If you don't see fingers when you're in Sesamouse with your cursor over the mouse, something is broken. I'll keep watching for feedback here, or you can email me via

hope this helps,
-nate vw
Calf Trail Software, LLC
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Saxintosh rated on 24 Feb 2011

[Version 1.2]

Version Downloads:2,117
Type:Utilities : System
Date:10 Mar 2010
Platform:Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Sesamouse adds more gestures to the Magic Mouse, like real pinch zooming and rotation. It even sends finger positions for advanced multitouch software to use.

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