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20 November 2009

Displays the current song in the OS X menu bar.


TuneMenu is a nice little menubar item that I wrote that simply displays the current song in the OS X menu bar.

As you can see, clicking the menubar item opens a submenu that shows the album name, as well as a "Lookup Lyrics" item, which will pull up a new browser tab and point it towards the corresponding lyricwiki.org page. This works most of the time, depending on how cleanly you've named your songs.

You can also customize the font, although I can't say I'm too proud of my methods. To change font settings, you have to open up your Terminal and run any of these commands:

  • $ defaults write com.silentmac.TuneMenu font-name Arial
  • $ defaults write com.silentmac.TuneMenu font-size 11
  • $ defaults write com.silentmac.TuneMenu font-bold TRUE
I prefer the font Cambria, size 10, bolded.

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