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05 November 2009

Server monitor for Linux servers.


iLim is a server monitor for your home server. Simple and easy setup. Supports growl notifications.


  • Growl Integration
  • Processes Monitoring
  • Network Load Graph
  • Disk Usage
  • Uptime
  • SSL encryption
  • Speech Notification
  • Low memory requirements
  • Multiple servers
  • Lives in the menubar

On the server side, it supports all major Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, Slackware, etc). The server daemon is designed to use as little memory as possible, making it suitable for embedded systems (tested on TomTom One, Linksys NSLU2 and Linksys WRT54G).

Please note that iLim requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard (>=10.6.0), because it uses Grand Central Dispatch.

With iLim running on your computer you'll get notified if:

  • One of your partitions is about to run out of space
  • One of your partitions is full
  • A monitored process suddenly dies
  • Your server is unreachable.

The app can notify you either with Growl notifications, speech or both. You can also easily check you server(s) current state by clicking on the menubar icon. A small icon (red, yellow, green) indicates the server's condition.

Mixing iLim, an iPhone and Prowl you end up getting notified instantly even when you're away from your Mac.

What's new in iLim

Version 0.8:

Known bugs

  • Restart of server required to get new configurations


  • Completely re-written core
  • Re-designed graphical user interface

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06 November 2009

Most helpful

I had no luck installing this app. Launches and dies on 10.5.8.
Version 0.8
08 November 2009
Had some trouble with getting the deamon to run under my CentOS server. After sending an email to the website's feedback address, the issue was solved. Great support and great work!
Version 0.8
06 November 2009
I had no luck installing this app. Launches and dies on 10.5.8.
Version 0.8