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03 October 2001

Interactive Web serving calendar.


WebEvent is an interactive World Wide Web calendar that allows you to view and modify calendar-type events from any computer that can run a Web browser. You can manage personal, departmental, and company-wide schedules from any computer (anywhere on the planet) that runs a Web browser. Maintaining and supporting WebEvent is a snap because no other software needs to be installed on individual computers.

What's new in WebEvent

Version 4.0 adds the following:
  • Created 'style.css.original' file containing default style sheet values.
  • Added explanatory text to cascading style sheet (CSS).
  • Fixed bug that prevented repeating tasks from being marked as "completed".
  • Fixed javascript bug related to mousing over current timeframe tab.
  • Eliminated unnecessary inclusion of URL fields in event change notification emails.
  • Fixed "Submit Event" bug which caused an error message to be displayed to users on Windows NT servers.
  • Fixed bug which caused the calendar "Format" field to default improperly on the "Options" screen.
  • Fixed several minor display anomalies, including one which caused the main calendar grid to expand dramatically when an unformatted event description appeared beneath it.

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  • PPC 32
  • or later
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