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Full-screen, minimalist word processor.   Shareware ($19.00)
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myTexts snow... No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity. White background.

my Texts is 'Featured Download' at

Less is more, as Mies van der Rohe would say. This is not only true in architecture; this is especially the case when it comes to writing. Thus, myTexts helps you to get more meaning out of your words with less distraction.

With myTexts you focus almost automatically on writing. You simply don't have to care about windows, buttons or formats. Your Mac turns into a truly typewriter again.

Now, focused on writing, myTexts
What's New
Version 2.1:
  • created extra version for Tiger
  • added advanced find panel
  • added remember/scroll to last cursor position
  • improved Markdown support
  • improved preview
  • improved statistics
  • some minor bug fixes
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

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myTexts snow User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Smellmyfeet reviewed on 18 Feb 2010
I'm a myTexts snow user since its beginnings and I love this small little piece of well designed software. There are a lot of minimal writing tools out there, but this one is one of the best. I wasn't happy with the first versions so I wrote to the developer and requested Markdown support. Guess what the application includes since the last update? Yes, support for the nerdy, but highly productive Markdown language!

I'm not a huge friend of the preferences, but that doesn't really matter. You set it up once and then forget about it. I'm sure the developer will address a couple of things in this field, but these are really small annoyances. The application is about writing and not about staring at the preferences, right?

That said, it's a joy to use myTexts snow and appreciate the adaptation to the white interface which isn't only a color change, but a lot more subtle stuff and nit-picky work. Thanks.
[Version 2.0]


Musubana tipped on 12 Dec 2009

If you can't decide between the ordinary and the snow versions, this is what to do:

buy one of them (I'd go for myTexts as it has more colour options),
then download the free app Nocturne:

You can then use Proxi or Spark to create a shortcut for Nocturne, and voila!
you can now go from tar to snow with a touch of your hand! :-)
[Version 1.5]



chiefsucker reviewed on 07 Dec 2009
The combination of myTexts and myTexts snow is working really great for me, I don't know why other people complain. You have to understand that it's not about a theme, but a lot more. Only if you have the eye for specific details, you'll see the minor, but necessary differences. Most of the things we see, we don't realize that they have to be or that the improve the overall user experience. But that's still not a reason for bashing the developer's work.

With both versions I can focus on writing and forget distraction (it's so easy to switch to the Tweetie window, or iChat, or Safari, or …, but not with this nice full screen view hiding everything unnecessary). I have to emphasize again how much I like the combination of both versions. I use the snow version when I'm on the go. This way I can minimize reflections from the glossy screen. The normal version is best for working at home or in darker environments and it is very eye-friendly in this circumstances. And keep in mind that the difference between both versions isn't only the color. The developer improved every detail and made sure, that every small bit of both versions is aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks also for this piece of another great MOApp software!
[Version 1.5]

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Musubana replied on 12 Dec 2009
What, then, are the other differences (besides the colour scheme)?

Mkay commented on 01 Dec 2009
classic developer/user dillema methinks:
from a developer POV it may be a complete rewrite and as such justified to call it a new app. But your _users_ only see: same app, same features, just a different "theme". They lack (nor do they care about) the technical details behind the scenes.

From what I've seen moapps are usually fine products and very reasonably priced so I wouldn't assume it was done with bad intention. Nevertheless it's kind of an 'unfortunate' decision. Just my 2cts.
[Version 1.3]

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Macmaria replied on 06 Dec 2009
I agree. It would be better to join these two apps and make it one, just with different themes (or backgrounds).


Osp reviewed on 30 Nov 2009
To me myText snow is a great application. The super easy cross grade option from MOApp let's me us both options (black and white background) at no further costs.

I have to strongly disagree the other commentators: There are much more changes than just the background color. Look at the details.

If the black background color isn't right for you try snow and don't forget to drop MOApp a mail for the cross grade.
[Version 1.3]


MOApp Software Manufactory (developer) commented on 29 Nov 2009
1. Once again - there is a lot more to 'tint' than just a textview(!!!!) - is this so hard to understand?
2. It s a complete new app extra written for those with eye-problems, a need for a white background…
3. Registered users can easily crossgrade and don't have to pay that 19 bucks!

I really don't understand all that comments (and negative smilies) at all because it is unbelievable for me that people rather want sellouts than a good solution - but maybe it's only me thinking that a good job is much better than a half-hearted just to avoid such comments from people not understanding that myTexts is not WriteRoom (which is an awesome app and if it would not be 'document based' I would never had written myTexts) and is of course not JustWrite!

Correct me if I am wrong - but maybe the problem for some is not that it is a 'second' app but the 'stingy Mac users groundless fear from bad developers ripping off their customers'???

(sorry for my bad English - in German this sentence makes much sense :-))

If this is the real reason for such comments than it really makes me sad - because if you take a look at my attitude/prices and my upgrade/update philosophy you really can't say that my goal is to rip someone off…

Once again - I've tried for month to write one version (without ugly sellouts) to fit all needs - but for me quality is much more important than to avoid criticism :-)
[Version 1.3]


Thus.spake.z commented on 29 Nov 2009
I'm afraid that I'll have to agree with other comments here that offering myTexts Snow as a seperate app, at $19 yet, rather than incorporating a white background selection into myTexts regular is absurd.
The developer could allow those who already purchased the Snow version to own myTexts regular edition(with white background option offered) at no further charge, without worrying about being a "sellout".
There are many folks who own more than one Mac, with only one of their Macs having a glossy screen; why should they be required to purchase the Snow version just for the one glossy-screen Mac?
A myTexts regular edition that includes a white background selection would make the most sense.
Even the simple, bare-bones and free JustWrite allows one a choice of any background color, white included.
Or, one can just forget about this whole myTexts issue and purchase WriteRoom(which allows one a choice of Any background color, white included) instead.
[Version 1.3]


MOApp Software Manufactory (developer) commented on 03 Nov 2009

What is ridiculous about trying to make users happy with a need for a white background????

This is what I have written on the myTexts snow website:

In the last month I've received many mails from people with a need to use the (original) myTexts application with a white/bright background because they are eye-impaired (need to invert the screen colors etc.) and others having problems with their glossy screens or simply need a white 'paper' to be creative…
I have tried a lot to get this manged in one application to avoid confusion, offer this option to all people - but there is a lot more to 'tint' at runtime than just some textviews and to get this done without bracking the user-experience, the design and most of all: the quality…
Well - finaly I've decided to write a complete new application. And here it it is…

Once again - I would love to have this in one app - but this would result in lots of (ugly) sellouts - something I would never do - if you call this ridiculous I feel sorry. But to be honest - I am happy that many people do understand it and that they can now use myTexts, even if they are eye-impacted etc…

And by the way: the preferences are the only parts not being written new from ground up…
[Version 1.1]


alas! commented on 03 Nov 2009
Yeah, the developer should incorporate a white background selection into myTexts and offer myTexts only. Or why not follow WriteRoom's example and offer one's own custom background color capability for myTexts....there's no shame in that.
Offering myTexts Snow as a separate app makes no sense at all.
[Version 1.1]


Nontroppo commented on 03 Nov 2009
I really can't understand why the author doesn't just allow preferences to change background colour freely; two supported apps with different version numbers that do the same thing yet that differ by one trivial prefs setting is ridiculous!

Or at least call it myTexts 3.2 Snow Edition or something...
[Version 1.1]

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Version Downloads:1,217
Type:Business : Word Processing
Date:20 Feb 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $19.00
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myTexts snow... No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity. White background.

my Texts is 'Featured Download' at

Less is more, as Mies van der Rohe would say. This is not only true in architecture; this is especially the case when it comes to writing. Thus, myTexts helps you to get more meaning out of your words with less distraction.

With myTexts you focus almost automatically on writing. You simply don't have to care about windows, buttons or formats. Your Mac turns into a truly typewriter again.

Now, focused on writing, myTexts also takes care about your documents, files, backups and of course how to regain them. All this is done in a self-explanatory and user-friendly way. All your writings are just on click away at the left hand side and completely searchable. You can add tags for your convenience, which can be added to your Spotlight search as well. Thus, you will never again loose a single text. myTexts saves your writing in the background and creates a backup at every start-up if you wish. Thus, you can go always back in time and undo the last changes.

myTexts can be customized to fit your personal needs. Whether it comes to fonts, size, space, color or line spacing, myTexts serves only your creativity. In times of glossy displays myTexts comes without a completely black background. Nothing would be more distracting than seeing your own face instead of your writing.

No man is an island - not even the best poet. Since we write to be widely read and understood, myTexts is made for exchanging files with the outside world. myTexts reads and writes the most important file formats like txt, rft, doc, docx, html, schreiben, odt and xml.

- -