TypeStyler 11.3.1
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Classic type styling tool.   Commercial ($59.99)
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TypeStyler is a tool for text shaping, styling, flow and layout, expanded further by utilizing Apple's latest technologies such as Unicode, Core Image, OpenGL, QuickTime and Quartz compositions.

TypeStyler is available as a download for $59.99.
What's New
Version 11.3.1:
  • Improved import and export handling (better PDF, EPS, & GIF)
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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TypeStyler User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 11.x:
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Tfindlay reviewed on 07 May 2012
I think it's time to recognize that TypeStyler has evolved into a very useful application at a very reasonable price. The last couple of updates have really made TypeStyler into a a great text styling tool. Kudos to the developers for taking a languishing product and breathing new life into it and for making it available at a decent price!
[Version 11.3]


Helmo Hass commented on 07 May 2012
question for MU
Is there a mistyping about the application build ?
Becose i just downloaded and instead of v 11.3 i have 10.6.75
[Version 11.3]

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Helmo Hass replied on 07 May 2012
Replying to myself..
Apparently the 11.3 is ONLY available by AppStore..... maybe guys you should just point to the dowl link for OLD version strictly
Strider Software, Inc (developer) replied on 07 May 2012
The correct URL has been submitted and should be working soon.

Helmo Hass replied on 08 May 2012
yes now its the right one thanks,
just one thumb down, the trial period is now reduced from 60 to 30 days.. you cant get everything i guess...

Andyrogers replied on 08 May 2012
11.3 seems to be available from the web site but not yet from the App Store. My advice - purchase from the web site only.

Helmo Hass replied on 09 May 2012
i'm not really hot for CrApp Store either
Totally Agree with you Andyrogers better purchase directly from Devs

Sgmoye replied on 17 May 2012
As of May 15, the App Store still has 11.0.17, and I can find nowhere on the Stryder Typestyler web site any indication that 11.3 has been released or what the changes are. Great program, though, and a lot of fun to use.

Andyrogers replied on 07 Jun 2012
Today marks 1 month since 11.3 was released, yet that version is not yet available in the Mac App Store. Beware - and buy only directly from the developer.

Hilbo60 commented on 25 Jan 2012
All is OK with the world, the sun will rise tomorrow, the developer has seen the light... I am now happy!

This is now available on the Mac App Store for £39.99. Given the price of BeLight's Art Text, this is now a really good buy!
[Version 10.6.75]


Hilbo60 commented on 05 Aug 2011
No Doubt There will be a 'Lion version coming soon', and when it arrives in seven or eight years time, will cost around $499!!!
[Version 10.6.75]



Hilbo60 reviewed on 08 Jan 2011
What planet is this developer on?, back in OS9 days, this was my first choice when producing posters, flyers etc. and like many more, was constantly looking for the expected update with the advent of OSX, but all we got was 'OSX version coming soon'.

I don't know whether the dev. has had some sort of a problem that has kept him out of circulation for the last ten years, but to finally release this, almost a carbon copy of the original OS9 version and want $199 for it is nothing short of lunacy!

Dream on, Mr Dev., Dream on!!!
[Version 10.6.75]


Kris commented on 01 Feb 2010
I has it back at OS9. The price almost had me flatlining, sheesh.
[Version 10.6.57]


Torpeau commented on 06 Jan 2010
TypeStyler always has taken me a while to figure out how to use it, but it has more tricks than anything else in its class.

It may be quirky and the developer sure waited a looong time to release the OS X version, but I'l very happy that it is available again and happy that the developer continues to tweak it.
[Version 10.6.50]


Markie205 commented on 06 Jan 2010
...and another vote for fifty dollars.

SS abandoned its loyal user base years ago when it didn't upgrade TS to OSX.

Give us a reasonably priced upgrade and our praise (hopefully it'll be worthy enough) will help you sell it to new users.
[Version 10.6.50]


Prlab commented on 05 Jan 2010
$200. I don't think so. I'm the same as many other users. I've moved on. Make it $50 and you've got me.
[Version 10.6.50]


Iamdorian commented on 21 Nov 2009
I am going to DITTO the pricing comments. I owned at least 2 licenses at one time, and don't even know what happened to discs and so-on, as I thought this a dead app. I ALWAYS support companies who make an effort to support the Mac community. TypeStyler was a great 'quicky' graphics tool. However, when development drops off the face of the earth (for years) you have to earn back the faith of your clients if you want their money.

I add my 'thumbs up' for a MU Promo offering something like a $25.00 upgrades and/or $50.00 one-time/72 hour deal. This might tempt me back 'into the fold.' You'd be better off running regular updates and pulling in revenue from that approach, with a 10x client base, than overcharging a few desperate folks.

Also, I'd like to see a modern GUI (not to mention speed increases) that would demonstrate (to me) a solid commitment to on-going development.

Welcome back . . . now roll up those sleeves, and get to work. : )
[Version 10.6.43]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Craigsee rated on 04 Feb 2013

[Version 11.3.1]

Russy rated on 22 Jun 2011

[Version 10.6.75]

Version Downloads:2,574
Type:Multimedia Design : Image Editing
Date:12 Jul 2012
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $59.99
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TypeStyler is a tool for text shaping, styling, flow and layout, expanded further by utilizing Apple's latest technologies such as Unicode, Core Image, OpenGL, QuickTime and Quartz compositions.

TypeStyler is available as a download for $59.99.

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