Neck Diagrams

1.9.1 11 Apr 2014

Create your own fretboard diagrams and chord charts.


Developer website: Digital Software Technology Ltd

Neck Diagrams takes the pain out of creating your own fretboard diagrams and chord charts! Point and click simplicity helps you make make professional diagram pages. There's also a Scale Wizard with over 75 scales and arpeggios to help you along, in CAGED shapes and three note per string positions too. Want to create a page layout that you can keep reusing? Just save your page as a Template! A fantastic tool for both students AND tutors.

What's New

Version 1.9.1:


  • exportng to PDF on Retina MacBook Pros now works correctly!
  • tab characters were disappearing when exporting to PDF
  • overwriting and existing file on export could cause the position of the exported page to shift
  • resolved an issue with Save As dialogs on OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Scale Generator
  • the Scale Generator could sometimes places notes 12 frets higher up the fretboard than necessary - fixed!
  • fixed an issue where notes could get omitted from arpeggios in some circumstances
  • fixed an issue with the Scale Generator where it could, given certain inputs, not stick to the fret range supplied but add more notes outside the range
  • fixed a bug with the Outline option not showing on solid square, circle and triangle note markers
  • fixed an error popup that could occur when selecting the Edit menu when starting ND in a diagram page, more commonly on Windows than Macs
  • trying to create something outside the page bounds no longer triggers an error - but why would you do this anyway?!
  • fixed string lengths so the thicker strings now never come up a pixel short nor too long!
  • intervals were not getting updated correctly when transposing rootless chords (ie where root not shown)
  • corrected an issue with page sizes that could trigger an error popup; added more logging detail
  • no longer prompting whether to "Clear root setting" when deleting ALL notes from a fretboard; we assume you want to wipe the fretboard clean and so just clear the root
  • fixed a bug when moving fretboards but having one or notes also selected
  • on Retina MacBook Pros the browser icon under the Help menu was oversized
Diagram Gallery
  • fixed an error popup that could occur when opening several .fbd files at once with Neck Diagrams
  • resolved an error that could occur when dragging .fbd files into certain parts of the Diagram Gallery
  • fixed an issue where opening several pages at once from the Diagram Gallery by pressing the ENTER key could trigger an error message
  • Spanish and Japanese
  • corrected some Spanish translations and also some Italian menu text
  • corrected a few English typos


  • OS X 10.5 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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11 Apr 2014
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