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Visible Voicemail1.0

02 October 2009

Easy access to your home or office VoIP voicemails.


Visible Voicemail provides quick and easy access to your home or office VoIP voicemails via your iPhone or iPod touch.

You get instant push notifications of new messages on your device along with full access to your voicemail audio and caller id information.

Any voicemail provider that can send voicemails as an email attachment in some audio format is supported.

How does Visible Voicemail work? Most VoIP providers can notify you of a new voicemail by sending you an email along with the voicemail audio file as an attachment. You simply forward these emails to us to get instant notification and easy access to your voicemails using the familiar iPhone interface that you are already used to. Instead of going through the inbox looking for the voicemails one by one, use Visible Voicemail not only to see them all in one convenient place but also to choose which one you wish to hear first. With the onscreen caller id information you will instantly know who the message is from. We also take care of making sure that the audio is converted to a format that will play on your device.

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