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Darts Checkouts1.0

02 October 2009

Work out the scores they need to hit to win a game of darts.


Darts Checkoutsicon is a simple to use app to help darts players work out the scores they need to hit to win a game of darts. You just set the total you need to finish in 3 darts (or less) and Darts Checkouts will show you how to check out.

You can set the score you hit with each dart you throw and the total required will update along with the ways to checkout the new total. This means that if you miss the score you aimed for with your first dart, you'll get an updated list of scores to aim for with the remaining darts.

Darts Checkouts is intended to help you while you practice but you don't even need to be at the board to benefit. The 'Random' total feature generates a total which can be finished in 3 darts or less. This is ideal for practicing different checkouts, but if you're not at the dart board, you can still use this feature. Once the 'Random' button has been tapped, you can work out how you would finish the score presented before checking your thinking by looking at the checkouts suggested by the app.

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