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07 January 2011

Widget calculates the distance of a thunderstorm from you.


InerziaLightning calculates the distance of a thunderstorm from you, by measuring the time between the lightning bolt and its thunder; moreover it can calculate if that thunderstorm is approaching or leaving. These features are included in a simple and beautiful interface!

The usefulness is clear if we think to the possible danger to our modem or router due to the overload caused by a lightning fallen too much near us; this widget helps to understand when the thunderstorm is approaching and it's time to pull the plug from the modem. The speed of sound depends on the air temperature: for this reason, we can insert it in the preferences; on the same back, we can also choose the temperature scale and the distance measurement unit.

If we change the units, the data that are already present will be coverted; we can select meters, kilometers, yards, miles, nautical miles and foot while the temperature can be expressed in Celsius, Farenheit degrees or Kelvin.

What's new in InerziaLightning

Version 2.0: New: It's now possible to know if the distance of a thunderstorm is increasing or decreasing New: User interface redesigned New: The memory can be reset with a click Improved Some code optimization

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