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21 September 2009

Add shortcuts for words to make typing faster.


With FastWriting, you will be able to type texts in your iPhone or iPod much faster than usual. FastWriting allows users to add shortcuts for words, sentences or even texts. For example: you (word) and ya (shortcut); yours truly, (sentence) and yt (shortcut); I'll call you later (sentence) and cyl (shortcut); or How are you? (sentence) and hay (shortcut). You can add as many words, sentences and texts as you want.

After adding the shortcuts, you may use the FastWriting's notepad to write your notes, e-mails or SMS. As soon as you type a shortcut, the application will automatically replace it with the associated word. Therefore, when you type yt in your notepad, for example, the application will replace it with yours truly.

This feature will enable you to write texts much faster than usual, as you won't need to type all characters of a word or sentence. Thus, by adding the advantages offered by FastWriting to the iPhone's existing automatic correction function, you will be able to write faster and in a more dynamic way.


  • Adding, editing and deleting shortcuts.
  • Browsing words or shortcuts from the dictionary through a text browser.
  • Adding, editing and deleting notes.
  • Sending notes by e-mail.
  • Copying and pasting texts to use them in any other application.
  • Possibility of applying passwords to the application notes.
  • Possibility of disabling the automatic replacement of word shortcuts. Once you disable this option, the application will only replace the shorcuts after you confirm this decision by tapping on the screen or pressing space.
  • Displaying shortcut suggestions as you type. For example: if the word you is registered in the application as ya, when you type y it will appear y+a= you, indicating that the combination may be replaced with the word you.

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