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Snap 'n Tap1.0

15 September 2009

Draw and photograph a course with pen and paper and drop a marble to follow it.


Snap 'n Tap is the first of a new wave of apps allowing you to interact with your environment through the iPhone.

Draw a course with pen and paper, photograph it with your iPhone, then drop a marble on the screen and watch as the state of the art physics engine makes it roll, jump and bounce around your course. You can draw intricate marble runs, fiendish labyrinths, or just watch a balloon skip across the evening skyline.

Snap 'n Tap allows you to interact with the marble through a natural touchscreen interface. Touching the screen you can drag, or even flick, the marble across your course, and pinching will zoom in and follow its path.


  • The image processor works with either the iPhone's camera, or photos from your photo library, so you can share courses amongst your friends.
  • The advanced physics engine allows you to choose between four different balls - a marble, a basketball, a balloon and a doughnut. All four are accurately modelled with their own unique characteristics.
  • Snap 'n Tap uses the iPhone's accelerometer to sense gravity and mimics it accurately in the simulation.
  • Snap 'n Tap is specifically optimised for either plain or lined paper, but it works well on all line drawings, and many photos too.

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