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17 September 2009

Widget for converting Moho format phoneme animation files into Lightwa


LipSync is a widget for converting Moho format phoneme animation files into Lightwave envelopes or After Effects keyframes. Preston-Blair and Simplified Flash phoneme sets are included along with user definable sets (more information on phoneme set translation can be found on

Moho files can be creating using freeware applications like Papagayo, Yolo, and JLipSync. Keep in mind the latter two use larger phoneme sets, which will need to be translated to a smaller subset (like Preston-Blair or Simplified Flash), or set up as a custom user preset in the widget.

Lightwave lipsync requires a model with morph targets set up for each phoneme, and morph mixer deformation applied in Layout. To generate animation envelops, simple select the desired keyframe type in the widget (LW linear, LW stepped, LW TCB, or LW TCB flat) and the phoneme set used by your model, then select your Moho file in Finder. Click and hold the file while opening Dashboard back up, and drop the icon into the drop zone. Envelop files will be automatically saved into the same folder as the original Moho file, one for each phoneme. Once you have your Lightwave scene set up, simply open the graph editor and import the appropriate envelop file for each morph channel.

After Effects requires a pre-comp with phonemes on every frame (or every second). Once this is dropped into a parent comp, Time Remap can essentially select a phoneme based on its time in the pre-comp. To generate the Time Remap keyframes, choose the desired animation setup (AE frames or AE seconds) and phoneme set, then find your Moho file in Finder. Click and hold the file while opening Dashboard back up, and drop the icon into the drop zone. The widget will automatically save a plain text file to the same directory as the Moho file, as well as copy the keyframe data to your clipboard. As a reminder, the phoneme set is also displayed in the sequential order they should appear in the AE pre-comp. Back in your After Effects file, select the pre-comp from within the parent comp, press [ to go to the begining of the comp, and press cmd-v to paste the data. Time Remap will be automatically applied to the pre-comp, and the keyframes added. Unfortunately, you still have to manually set the keyframes to hold keyframes (otherwise the lip animations will bounce in time from phoneme to phoneme) - right click and choose toggle hold keyframe from the contextual menu.

What's new in LipSync

Version 1.7.5:
  • updates error code results and accuracy

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