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Bass Master1.0.9

11 September 2009

Bass guitar chord reference.


Bass Master... As a bassist I found myself constantly looking up charts and tables in various media whenever I couldn't remember something. So I decided to write a utility that made this more efficient and hopefully it helps you as well.

Bass Master has the following features:

  • A virtual bass that allows you to choose a note and see where that note lies on the fretboard
  • A wheel chart for easy access to 4ths and 5ths of any note
  • A scale (mode) utility to easily identify the major scale patterns on the fretboard
  • A metronome
  • Fast loading speed
This version currently only supports 4-string basses. Just so you know, I play a 5-string so this will be remedied soon. Also look forward to more scale and chord diagrams to be added.

If you have any suggestions for future enhancements, please let me know. Anything that will help me become a better bassist will be added.

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