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06 September 2009

Monitor the speed of other road users.


SpeedSpy enables you to monitor the speed of other road users in a similar manner to traffic cops: by timing between fixed points. Unlike the police, the fixed points are measured using the iPhone's built in GPS or by using the inbuilt Maps.

It will also give your average speed between 2 points, helpful for average speed traps being deployed across major works, and the speed between 2 points measured from the iPhone's maps, should you wish to check the speed of traffic outside your home.

Key features are:

  • Chase mode for checking the speed of a Target vehicle between 2 points.
  • Self check mode to monitor your own speed between 2 points.
  • Static mode to monitor Target vehicles between 2 preset points.
  • Email your spying to friends or for you own records.
  • Integrated help.
  • SpeedSpy also includes a music player and emailer further enhance the journey.

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