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Adobe InDesign CS4 ACE Exam Aid4.0

05 September 2009

Streamlines the task of studying for Adobe Certified Expert certification.


Adobe InDesign CS4 ACE Exam Aid streamlines the task of studying for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification. It does this by testing your existing knowledge of InDesign CS4 and by helping you to obtain the knowledge required to pass the official exam. The exam aid is divided into Study and Practice mode and includes a test simulator. In Study mode, you have on demand access to answers, supplement answers, and hyperlinks to corresponding pages in the InDesign help documentation. In Practice mode, you can use the test simulator to sit customizable mock tests, check your passing score and compare your answers against the correct answers. A What's New section composed of questions that cover the new features is included. You may use it independently of the certification section to study for the recertification exam. Key Features • Includes three hundred and fifteen challenging questions divided into nine discrete modules • A What's New section that you can use to prepare for the recertification exam • All original questions based on the topics listed in the exam Prep Guide published by Adobe • Supplement answers that explain and/or clarify the concepts behind the questions • Questions hyperlinked to corresponding pages selected from the InDesign help file • A Study mode with the option of previewing correct answers on demand • A summary screen at the end of each module for reviewing the module content • Ability to print the content of summary screens for studying without your computer • A Practice mode for testing your knowledge in a simulated exam environment • Ability to generate unlimited practice tests based on the pool of questions • Ability to raise the threshold of each practice test by customising parameters • Option of choosing which module, or modules, you would like to include in a practice test • Ability to specify the number of questions to include from a module in a practice exam • Countdown clock, flagging, and sorting options that imitate the experience of the official exam • Scoring at the end of each practice test and an indication of whether you have passed or failed • Option of comparing your answers against the correct answers after submitting a practice test • An easy to use interface that leaves you free to concentrate on the task of studying for the exam Topics Covered • Laying Out a Document • Working With Text • Working With Tables • Managing Graphics • Understanding Color and Transparency * Creating and Working With Long Documents * Importing, Exporting, and Working With Cross-Media * Managing Prepress and Printing * What's New (Recertification) Interface The interface is streamlined and intuitive to use. You can customize the mock tests, view passing score and individual module score, and compare your answers against the correct answers.

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