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25 November 2009

Helps make you a more successful investor.


Investing Tool Box provides a set of tools that can help make you a more successful investor. The portfolio analysis tool can analyze your existing portfolio, and estimate the portfolio's future average rate of return and rate of return volatility. These statistics can then be imported into a Monte Carlo simulator, where you can model the portfolio's performance using your existing contribution (or withdrawal) policy. If the simulation results are not satisfactory, you can use the Monte Carlo simulator to explore the effect of adjusting your contribution schedule and portfolio composition.

You can also pass a set of portfolios to the Monte Carlo simulator and put it into optimization mode, where it will perform multiple simulations at varying contribution or withdrawal rates in order to find the portfolio that is best for your particular goal. Alternately, you can use the Mean Variance Optimizer to create a sample of portfolios along the efficient frontier, and use these as the input to the Monte Carlo simulator's optimization process. The output of both the Monte Carlo simulator and Mean Variance Optimizer can be plotted using a built in plotting utility, which allows you to create customized plots of one or more data series. Many more features.

What's new in InvestingToolBox

Version 2.2:
  • The tool no longer ships with example objects (such as portfolios, simulations, ..). Instead, these are downloadable from within each tool.
  • Also, the software can be updated from within the tool.

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