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Twitter Landscape

25 August 2009

View tweets in full screen mode.


Twitter Landscape gives you a total landscape experience for Twitter. Twitter Landscape allows you to view your tweets in Full Screen mode that provides nice clear fonts, and immediate access to most of your twitter activities (Post New Tweet, Reply, Retweet, in-app Emailing of tweets "No need to exit App", in-app URL browsing "No need to exit App", visit user pages and profiles, etc.). Support for Copy/Cut/Paste allows you to copy content from tweets and paste content into new tweets.

Browsing through your tweets is as simple as it gets, you can view them in a table view, or double tap a tweet and start Full Screen mode. You can Reply, or Retweet a tweet by simply tapping on a tweet and clicking the Reply or Retweet buttons.


  • Full Screen Mode.
  • 2 Twitter Accounts at once,NO need for full switch.
  • Focus Group, Access tweets of favorite friends^^
  • COPY content from tweets, or PASTE to new tweets!
  • COPY/CUT/PASTE works with other apps on your device!
  • In-App Emailing of Tweets!(No need to leave App)!
  • In-App Browsing of Links (No need to leave App)!
  • In-App Browser supports Back & Forward controls!
  • Offline viewing of your latest 100 tweets!
  • Access your Direct Messages^^
  • Follow new users, or UnFollow friends.
  • Auto Refresh of Tweets^^, manual refresh also available
  • Auto Scroll to start of unread tweets (optional).
  • Update your Profile Location.
  • Post New tweet, Reply to a Tweet, and ReTweet.
  • Landscape Keyboard, way faster typing!
  • Secure connection (https).
  • Instant access to popular activities with CONTROL BAR.

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