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Big Finger Keyboard1.0

25 August 2009

Type easier with bigger keys.


Big Finger Keyboard... Once someone said that if you could swiftly type on a smart phone while standing with only one hand available on a crowded subway, then that was a keyboard that really worked. If exactly that is the Big Finger Keyboard, imagine what it can do for you in extreme and not so extreme conditions.

Big Finger Keyboard is a simple and smooth way for typing on your iPhone or iPod touch. Each key is bigger than a home screen icon and has at most two letters or symbols, either white (left) or orange (right). Single click to type the white one, and double click for the orange.

Works best with OS 3.0, taking advantage of all its copy-cut-paste features. For example, write comfortably a long message with the Big Finger Keyboard, and use copy-paste to send it as an SMS message .


  • Three big button keyboards (letters, numbers and symbols)
  • Landscape and portrait display options
  • Optional click sound, for improved feedback while typing
  • Adjustable double click speed
  • Save options
  • With OS 3.0, take advantage if its copy-cut-paste features

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