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Customize the appearance of your Mac OS X Login screen.   Free
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    Alex Zielenski]
Ravissant is an application to customize the appearance of your Mac OS X Login screen. You get to choose exactly what it looks like which Ravissant's intuitive WYSIWYG (What you see if what you get) Interface. You can type your personal Mesages to Replace "Mac OS X". You can drag and drop your way to the login screen you've seen in your dreams!
What's New
Version 1.27:
  • This update fixes the problems that came with the previous one. Sorry about that.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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Ravissant User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Vile9 commented on 16 Jul 2012
download broken or down.
would love to try this app please fix this.
[Version 1.27]

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MacUpdate---Ryan replied on 16 Jul 2012
Hi Vlle9, thanks for pointing this out. I've reached out to the developer to see if he can provide us with a working link.


Pattulus reviewed on 20 Oct 2010
Ravissant is a great alternative to Visage.
It does a great job at what it's good at
and best of allā€¦ it's free.

If you want a custom Login Screen this
is what you'll need.
[Version 1.27]


Ivanovitch commented on 14 Jul 2010
Not bad for work in progress (and it's free, so these things are just picky). A few problems:

1. When typing text, the background image interferes with the text, making it difficult to type (or check typing).

2. The logo, background, and Welcome Text' 'sticks', but on re-opening Ravissant 1.26, the 'Welcome Text' is forgotten. This is a problem.

3. The order of elements across the top of the screen (Logo, OS Text, Welcome Text, Host Info, Background) is in the wrong order. It should follow the flow of the elements on the screen: Logo, OS Text, Host NAME, Welcome Text, Background. Note that it shouldn't be Host Info, but rather 'Host Name'.

4. On operating in Full Screen, (Command-F), I was unable to return to normal view, and my only option was to reboot the machine! Not very happy about that...

Other than that, it does what it says, and has been useful for me.
[Version 1.26]

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Alex Zielenski (developer) replied on 14 Jul 2010
Hello, I opened the application again trying to confirm your comment and yes, you are right. The problem with the text editing was caused by the shadow around the login window. The problem was that I was drawing the shadow after the window itself. I also added an auto-hiding menubar to full screen mode. But unfortunately I couldn't confirm your problem with the Welcome Text persistence.

Fixes have been pushed to sparkle for a 1.27 update. The macupdate listing should refresh soon. In the meantime i suggest you click the check for update button in ravissant.

Ivanovitch replied on 14 Jul 2010
Thanks Alex. Will look forward to future updates.

It would be good if the window that appears had the same aspect ratio as the overall screen used by the computer.

Sure, the background image will fit to the screen anyway, but nonetheless, it would be much more understandable (and less of a concern to the innocent user) if the window drawn size were a percentage of the actual monitor screen used by the computer, so that the background image had a square pixel representation. Only another minor point!

One more thing: it's not immediately clear that you can save different Login screens: perhaps it would be helpful to explain that either in the MacUpdate notes, or in the app itself. That's a true benefit that some people might not realise.

Atlasica commented on 19 Oct 2009
It does everything it saids it does, and I am really quite satisfied with it. Though of course it could be better, I'm quite happy with what it is now.
[Version 1.13]


Gavellis commented on 24 Aug 2009
Downloaded, followed the easy to use interface, job done. Does exactly what it says on the tin, happy days!
[Version 1.13]

Alex Zielenski (developer) commented on 22 Aug 2009
Hi, I read your reply and I disagree with some of the things mentioned in it.

The restore default desktop open sets the wallpaper to Aurora.jpg like you mentioned, but thats an odd bug that happens to you and I will look into that now.

The Sync Desktop Feature just takes your desktop wallpaper and sets your login wall to it.
[Version 1.12]

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Alex Zielenski (developer) replied on 23 Aug 2009
Okay, I saw the problems and fixed them in the new 1.13 update, please download it and correct your rating. Thanks :)


Sesquipedalian reviewed on 22 Aug 2009
This software is great for what I expect will be its most common use: changing the background image for the login window. Run Ravissant, click Background in the toolbar, and drag the desired image onto the main window. Then just select Apply from the Logins menu, and you are done.

Some of the other features work well, and some are a bit buggy.

Changing the Host Info (e.g. show the IP address instead of the computer's name) works well, but entering Welcome Text did nothing. I didn't try a custom logo or custom OS text.

Unfortunately, the Restore Default menu option in the Logins menu does not behave as expected. Instead of setting the background to Aurora.jpg, it sets the background to a plain blue, and instead of setting the host info to the computer's name, it sets it to the build number of the current version of the operating system. However, the Leopard default setup can be attained easily by manually setting these values correctly.

There is also a Sync with Desktop menu option in the Logins menu, but it seems to do nothing, and its purpose remains a mystery to me.

This mystery would probably be solved if there were any help files or other documentation included, but there is none.

Despite the shortcomings, this software remain useful to anyone who wants to customize the login screen. Thanks to the developer!
[Version 1.12]



kankei71 reviewed on 22 Aug 2009
Great app. This one with Magnifique offer a very easy and free way to customize os x appearance. Simplement génial.

However, the logo showed when open Ravissant does not correspond with the actual logo I'm using, which is not the by default apple logo. Is this a bug?
[Version 1.12]

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neploleppard replied on 23 Aug 2009
I couldn't get anything but the background to change. After setting the login the way I wished, I hit apply. Then I checked the login screen and only the background worked.
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Version Downloads:18,329
Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:14 Jul 2010
Platform:PPC 64 / PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Ravissant is an application to customize the appearance of your Mac OS X Login screen. You get to choose exactly what it looks like which Ravissant's intuitive WYSIWYG (What you see if what you get) Interface. You can type your personal Mesages to Replace "Mac OS X". You can drag and drop your way to the login screen you've seen in your dreams!

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