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pzizz relax1.0

20 August 2009

Audio relaxation tool.


pzizz relax... iconThere are other relaxation systems available but none have the unique patented features of pzizz. Because of these you can customize your relaxation session to suit you exactly - with MAXIMUM effect every time you use it.

  • You choose how long you want (10-90 mins) so pzizz fits in with your day
  • Every time you press "Start", pzizz creates a new, unique soundtrack for you - so you never get bored of hearing the same thing!

pzizz was scientifically proven to work better than many other traditional forms of relaxation in a study carried out by the Victoria University of Wellington, NZ.


  • Inspiring words, enchanting music, delightful sound effects and binaural beat
  • Structured random algorithm creates a different soundtrack EVERY TIME you use it (over 100 billion combinations)
  • Fully time adjustable from 10 - 90 minutes. Designed to fit in with your day!
  • Adjust individual voice and music volumes to suit you while you listen
  • Turn the voice on or off - or just have it at the beginning and end
  • Select different sound effects for the voice (regular stereo or 3D)

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