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Time Turner1.0

17 August 2009

Show the time in a unique and stylish fashion.


Time Turner... Show the time in a unique and stylish fashion.


  • Touch any number or letter to swap to a different picture of the same number or letter.
  • Touch more than one at a time to do multiple swaps.
  • Double tap the screen to swap all pictures at the same time.
  • Shake the device to access the 'Settings' screen. You can set all your preferences here, including the Alarm.
  • Swipe your finger up, down, left or right on the main screen to access the flashlight feature.
  • Show Month & Day - Controls the Month and Day banner at the top of the main screen.
  • Show Seconds - Control the second intervals on the main screen.
  • Enable Alarm - Controls whether or not the alarm will sound.
  • Show AM/PM - Control the appearance of the AM/PM icon on the main screen.
  • Disable Sleep Mode - Tells the device whether or not to automatically sleep. Recommended to be 'ON' if you want the app to continously display the time.
Alarm Settings:
  • Alarm Time - Used to set the time the alarm will sound.
  • Alarm Sound - Controls the sound played when the alarm sounds.
  • Vibrate/No Vibrate - Controls if the device will also vibrate when the alarm is sounding. (iPhone Only)
  • Snooze Interval - Controls the amount of time the device will snooze.
  • Volume Slider - Controls the volume of the alarm when sounding.

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