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13 August 2009

Type and save lyrics over any instrumental.


LyricPad enables songwriters and lyricists to type and save lyrics over any instrumental. With this application, you can import any instrumentals or unfinished songs you want and write your lyrics as you listen. LyricsPad will then save your projects for later editing.

Sometimes the perfect lines hit you when you least expect it. With LyricPad you will be ready no matter where you are. Just open your project and save your work on the spot. Its like having a pen, notepad, and mp3 player in your pocket at all times.

Whether your making fun songs with school friends or your an aspiring musician with a 9-to-5, LyricPad is the perfect tool for saving your ideas on the go.

It is always great to have all your lyrics at your fingertips and the audio to match. Just open a project and your lyrics await!

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