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12 August 2009

Music synthesizer.


megaSynth... After many sleepless nights, endless cups of coffee and blown-out eardrums, the long-awaited big brother to miniSynth is finally here! With its three luscious oscillators, dedicated LFOs, built in sequencer, polyphonic keyboard, chord-maker (and much more), megaSynth pushes the envelope in mobile soundmaking. Its possible configurations are intractably many, making megaSynth a studio-worthy little addition to any professional rig. Meanwhile, the included 200+ presets will be sure to thrill the enthusiast for a good while, and influence the start of countless new songs.

megaSynth's features are just too many to write prose about. Here's a short list of what it can do,

Sound Generation

  • 3 VCO
  • 5-note polyphony (engaged via "POLY" switch)
  • Retro monophonic keyboard mode also included
  • 7 waveforms per oscillator
  • Independently adjustable pitch and volume
  • 3rd oscillator can operate as LFO
  • Oscillator syncing
  • Noise generator with mix volume
  • Optional anti-aliasing (look for "megaSynth" under iPhone's "Settings" menu)
Sound Sculpting
  • True-retro VCF
  • Cutoff/Resonance
  • Full ADSR filter envelope
  • No-lift trigger mode
  • VCA ADSR envelope
  • Adjustable glide (available in monophonic mode only)
  • 3 Dedicated LFOs for filter, pitch and amplitude
  • Independent key-syncing for each LFO
  • 7 carrier waveform per LFO
  • Independently adjustable pitch
  • Tape-delay clone with adjustable feedback
  • 20-2000 ms range
  • Modulation with,
  • Intensity
  • Wet/Dry Mix
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Obtain chorus, flanging and vibrato FX thru modulation
  • FX input level slider to control overload

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