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12 August 2009

Round based strategy game.


Dark Emperor is a round based strategy game.

Build up your empire and try to increase your fortune by skillful acting. Reduce the taxes and distribute food to the inhabitants of your empire.

Once upon a time a powerful Emperor reigned a land called Yonium. It was your father. One day a devil spirit, called Dark Emperor, tried to destroy your father's Empire. During a two weeks long battle the Dark Emperor could finally be banished to the Dark Empire, but in this battle also your father died. After that the Empire began to decay and you had to go leave the country.

Today no one knows who you really are. Now it's time to succeed to the throne. But you have to hurry, time is running away! In the year 1500 the Dark Emperor is coming back! If you are not the new Emperor until then, you have lost the game.

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