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Demolition Derby1.0

12 August 2009

Tune your car to demolish the enemies.


Demolition Derby brings intense vehicular destruction to the iPhone against one or three computer opponents. Tune your car to match your driving style and color choice, then go bumper to bumper in one of six arenas. Arenas are fitted with ramps and walls to add to the excitement. Using a true physics engine, Demolition Derby provides accurate collisions with realistic results, sending cars crashing into walls or grinding to a halt.

Features Include:

  • A full color picker, paint your car any color you want.
  • Six different arenas to choose from.
  • Adjustable characteristics such as suspension travel, damping, and engine torque.
  • Set the match duration and vehicle durability, allowing you to play a quick game, or 5 minute battle for survival.

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