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18 September 2009

Lock or target a location.


myFingertips iconis a new way of using your iPod or iPhone. The application accesses the powerful location services built in to the device and presents users with a comprehensive readout showing, speed, heading, altitude(on supported devices). myFingertips allows you to save information about any location for later retrieval.

myFingertips allows you to 'lock' or 'target' a location. This will maintain a constant heading fix for you to follow. Information includes distance to target, heading correction and ETA based on current speed. (Accuracy is dependant on the device features.)

This application is a must have for hikers, campers, boaters and just about any one else. While is does not offer the turn by turn directions of Maps it provides a powerful set of tools for finding your way from any where to anyware in the database.

What's new in myFingertips

Version 2.0: features a redesigned interface, Saved location sharing, Maps with target marks and more. This version of the app allows users to save locations and then share their business contacts online. Users can select an area in the map screen and look up what is within that viewed area. myFingerTips 2.0 also features the ability for business owners to create permanent listings that cannot be edited by any one but them. These 'Add' style listings feature the ability to include a picture in the listing so viewers can easily recognize the business.

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  • This app is only available for iOS devices
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