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Astronomy Calc1.2.1

02 December 2009

Calculator for manipulating astronomical dates & time.


Astrolabeicon is an easy to use calculator for manipulating astronomical dates & times, and coordinates, with many more capabilities coming soon.

Supported Date & Time Systems:

  • Local civil time (LCT)
  • Local Sidereal Time (LST)
  • Greenwich Sidereal Time (GST)
  • Universal Time (UT)
  • Terrestrial Dynamical Time (TDT)
  • Geocentric Coordinate Time (TCG)
  • including Julian Date (JD), Modified Julian Date (MJD), and Truncated Julian Date (TJD)
Supported Coordinate Systems:
  • Equatorial in Right Ascension (EQ(RA))
  • Equatorial in Hour Angle (EQ(HA))
  • Horizon (HOR)
  • Ecliptic (ECL)
  • Galactic (GAL)
Date & Time Features:
  • Summary of time in all supported systems
  • Calculation of time from an offset
  • Conversion of time from one system to another with translation of location
Coordinate Features:
  • Conversion of coordinates from one system to another

What's new in Astronomy Calc

Version 1.2.1
  • Changed the name of the application and increased size of font for displaying times

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