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Electro Boy1.0

05 August 2009

Jezzball territory clone.


Electro Boy... Evil Eyeballs have taken over the universe, and it's up to Electro Boy to reclaim the land and send those Evil Eyes back to the hellhole they came from. Armed only with his trusty Laser Trail, Electro boy must avoid the Evil Eyeballs, reclaiming territory as he goes. But after every level, there are only more waves of Eyeballs to vanquish. How far can you go to help Electro Boy save us all?

In the tradition of classic games Qix and Jezzball, you must guide Electro Boy around the playing field, making sure to avoid the Eyeballs. Just swipe the screen in the direction you want to go, and Electro Boy will obey. An Eyeball touching your Laser Trail before making it back to safe territory will lose you a life. Isolate all the Evil Eye's in there their own chamber, though, and gain a 1up. Reclaim 80% of the playing field to progress to the next level.

  • Original Graphics
  • High Score Table
  • Save and Resume Game
  • Original Soundtrack

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