JumpBox for the Joomla! CMS
JumpBox for the Joomla! CMS


JumpBox for the Joomla! CMS free download for Mac

JumpBox for the Joomla! CMS

09 August 2009

Build websites and other powerful online applications.


JumpBox for the Joomla! CMS is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build websites and other powerful online applications. It's one of the most popular Open Source applications around and the JumpBox for Joomla is a huge time saver.

Benefits of running a JumpBox Deploying an application as a JumpBox provides a dramatically-reduced path to getting started with the software. Aside from installation benefits it yields other advantages such as portability across computing environments and simplified ongoing maintenance of the application. Here are a few of the benefits to using a JumpBox:

  • Mac-like usability for server applications that typically require command-line interaction and complicated setup scripts.
  • Self-contained deployment means it's easy to move or delete - it won't scatter files all over your Mac's file system.
  • Runs equally well under Parallels or VMware Fusion on OSX.
  • Use the snapshotting features of your virtualization software to experiment fearlessly with your JumpBox without danger of breaking the application irreparably.
  • New versions of the JumpBox contain updates to each component in the software stack so there's no patching Web servers, application servers, databases, dependencies, etc.
  • A web-based administration console simplifies the management of your application including SSL certs, email relaying, SSH, backups and more.
  • Once you know how to install a JumpBox you can deploy any of 50+ other JumpBoxes and take advantage of a growing library of conveniently-packaged Open Source software.
This JumpBox is free so there's no risk in trying it out. Download it today and experience for yourself a whole new way of working with server software.

What's new in JumpBox for the Joomla! CMS

Version 1.1.13:
  • A bug that occured when initially choosing a backup frequency of 'never' has been resolved.
  • Upstream Ubuntu packages are updated to early May 2009.

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