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Touch of Spirit1.0

24 July 2009

Enter portals and collect magic items.


Touch of Spirit... iconOur love story begins with the Jester daring to fall in love with the Queen. But the most curious fact is that the Queen answered his feelings. The sweethearts often met each other and dreamed of living a long and happy life together.

No wonder that all citizens of this kingdom were terrified, and the Black Warlock, who was the main counselor of the Queen and dreamed of coming to the throne, became furious and decided to get rid of the Jester. The Warlock resorted to all his spells and skills but failed to take the life of the young Jester - so great was the power of Queen's love! Then he stole the Jester's soul and turned his body into stone.

"Pray for your idol made of stone, miserable queen!" - laughed the evil sorcerer. "No one and nothing will help his soul come back! I also didn't forget the castle where you met him. It is now hanging in the infinite Space where the Dark reigns and the Time has no power. When you resign yourself, you will understand that I am the only one who deserves to share the throne with you…"

The love story of the Queen and the Jester could have come to a tragic end if the Good Angel didn't appear. The soul of the Angel once belonged to a very beautiful girl who refused to become the Warlock's lover and to help him in his evil deeds, so the dark sorcerer has stolen her soul for that. No one dared to help the lonely soul, but the time passed and she turned into a Good Angel. The Angel decided to take the sweethearts' side and to reunite their lives.

And now the Good Angel guides the Jester through the portals. But the Angel also needs the Jester's help: Each portal contains the magic items which should be found in less than 2,5 minutes. Only once this is done, the Angel can take the Jester to the next portal.


  • 15 complex tasks to accomplish
  • Cool graphics and animation
  • Automatic save
  • Mini tutorial to help you get started
  • Lots of different items to find

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