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DTL OTMaster

22 December 2014

Review, edit, and alter tables/contours of fonts.


DTL OTMaster is a highly sophisticated application for reviewing, editing, and altering tables and contours of OpenType fonts (.otf and .ttf), TrueType fonts (.ttf), and TrueType Collection (.ttc) fonts, including CID-keyed OpenType fonts, CJK (Chinese, Korean, Japanese), and complex-script (Indic, Arabic etc.) fonts.

OTMaster 5 adds support for all the competing color OpenType font extensions: Microsoft "COLR"/"CPAL", Adobe "SVG ", Apple "sbix", and Google "CBDT"/"CBLC", bringing it in sync with the latest font format specs.

The Glyph Editor is a compact version of DTL FontMaster: it is a fully-featured outline editor, allowing you to edit a glyph outline, import a glyph from and export it to EPS or SVG (so you can modify it another app and bring it back). You can change the glyph’s metrics, apply various transformations, automatic outline improvement operations, and auto-hinting. (New: in OTMaster 5, measurement, grid, and other aspects of the Glyph Editor have been improved). With the Glyph Copy Tool, you can easily copy glyphs between fonts.

What's new in DTL OTMaster

Version 5.0: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Note: Upgrades are only €7.50 / $9.20 for registered users of OTMaster 3.7, and €50 / $61.35 for users of older versions. Contact orders@fontlab.com to upgrade.

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