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Classic Qong Arcade (Pong) free download for Mac

Classic Qong Arcade (Pong)1.9.1

23 July 2009

2-player Pong game, just like the classic.


Classic Qong Arcade (Pong)icon... We all know Pong - it's fast, fun and addictive. And back in 1972 it was ahead of its time with:
  • Ground breaking 1 bit graphics
  • Crisp functional block based artwork
  • Ability to count your score for you
  • Revolutionary two player mode
  • Anti theft - too bulky to want to take anywhere But sadly, now Pong comes in many flavours of flashy graphics and bizzare gameplay. In fact, some have gone so far that they are no longer fun. With 'Classic Pong' you'll get a much closer rendition of the original pong. Goodbye flashy graphics, hello satisfying gameplay that you can actually take with you in your pocket. you'll get Pong with:
  • 2 player mode only - Battle your friends to find the Number 1 Pong Champion
  • First to 10 points wins the game
  • Touch and slide to move your paddle around
  • Fast and fun gameplay Play anywhere where there's someone to play against:
  • Boring lectures
  • Dull meetings
  • During christmas dinner
  • Outside
  • Inside
  • During your wedding ceremony (this may have undesired effects..)
In fact, if you find an unusual place to play 'Classic Pong', take a photo and send it to us. We'll post the most unusual ones on our website. We have many 'Classic' fetures up our sleves for future releases, but if you have any of your own we'd be more than happy to hear from you.

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