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Downhill Express1.0

21 July 2009

Challenging game to control your shopping cart.


Downhill Express is a very challenging game to control your shopping cart to carry more cube bricks, you don't need touch anything, you don't have any monster tokill, just tilt your iPhone or iPod touch left or right to steer your cart. Try to carry more bricks as you can, The more distance you carry the brick, the more score you get.

The shopper cart is a physical simulation to real cart, you can not accelerate or brake your cart. Be careful to keep the balance of the cart, It's funny and not easy. Sometimes you may think the cart is like a blimp on the fly, and sometimes, the cart will turn around. Quickly tilt the iPhone to keep the balance.

The balance of the cart will let you carry more bricks from the brick station. When your cart get to the brick station, a tribe of cube brick will add to your cart, that's your points to earn. When a brick fall to the ground, the distance of the brick you carried will convert to the score points you get. So, what you try to do is keep your crazy cart running and not turn over. The game is not a racing game, but keep your cart running fast will help you get a high score, So try to let your cart run as fast as you can and sometimes your cat can do a short flight, that's cool.

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