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21 July 2009

Smash the large colored particles into white atoms.


Fission... The brilliant Professor Particle has discovered a new atom with incredible power! As his apprentice, it's your job to do the dirty work and collect the atoms. Use the patented Frantic Fission machine to smash the large colored particles until they separate into the small white atoms. Then collect the white atoms with the Vacuumator. But be careful! Space is full of hazards that can damage or destroy the precious particles! Pay attention to the Professor's assistant, Miss Molecule, who will give you helpful advice and warn you of incoming dangers.

  • A frantic blend of puzzle and arcade gameplay
  • Keep track of dozens of onscreen particles and guide them away from dangers
  • Black Holes, Antimatter, Asteroids, and Worm Holes are just some of the hazards waiting in each new level
  • Are you brave? Choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard, which is sure to test even the most skilled arcade veteran

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