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14 July 2009

Battle other players and robots to dominate the world.


XPilot... Use reflexes, strategy, and cunning -- not to mention dozens of formidable and outlandish weapons and gadgets -- as you battle other players and robots to dominate the world of XPilot in a networked mixture of space physics and sci-fi mayhem. Experience this resurrected classic in a whole new way!

    -- Pilot your ship through a world based on uniquely authentic 2D spaceflight physics: thrust, momentum, and acceleration are as vital to your survival as lasers and cloaking devices. -- Navigate through an array of wild and devious spacescapes and arenas teeming with gravity wells, transporters, and automated cannons. -- Collect items to build up your ship's capabilities. -- Fire heat-seeking missiles, switch on tractor beams at just the right moment to throw your competitors off their game, remotely detonate proximity mines. -- Team up to steal your opponents' treasure or simply indulge in random acts of chaos.

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