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26 January 2011

Personal journaling application with video features and more.


Note: myDiary is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

myDiary is a clear and easy-to-use 'journaling application' with some cutting-edge functions like an integrated video diary, image and file management.

All entries are stored encrypted and that it all can be protected with a password. Today's diaries aren't just made out of text. Thus, myDiary is especially made to record your day in pictures, movies and files like websites for example. Since today's digital world is complicated and stressful enough there is no gain in dealing with excessive and complicated programs.

myDiary provides everything in one clear window and every important function is just one click away. If you create a new entry, record a movie with your iSight camera, if you take a desktop picture or if you add a file via drag&drop - myDiary is never in your way but integrates seamlessly in your life.

Key features

  • Password protection and AES-256 encryption
  • Easily creation of video diary with iSight or compatible camera
  • AutoSave in background to never loose an entry
  • Export of single entries and the complete diary
  • Export and print incl. images and list of applied files, films and images
  • Apply and manage unlimited images, movies and files to each entry
  • Drag&drop support for images, movies and files
  • Integrated Quick Look for entries, images, movies, files and complete diary
  • Designed for speed and ease ease-of-use

What's new in myDiary

Version 2.2.2:
  • bug fix and compatibility update
  • improved compatibility with 10.6.6
  • fixed entries display bug

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6 Reviews of myDiary

09 August 2010
Version: 2.1.1

Most helpful

Woefully angry and condescending support. Other than that it was a great diary app. YMMV.
15 November 2010
Version: 2.2
I have been using myDiary for several months. I appreciate the outstanding performance of the application. Because I travel frequently, I purchased a MacBook Air to compliment the MacBook Pro I use at home and in my office. I am wondering if there is a way to sync myDiary across the two machines. I could have separate diaries, but I would really like to be able to have one diary that is the same on both machines. Thank you again for such a stable and thoughtfully designed tool. I recommend it regularly to friends and associates. Best Wishes,
09 August 2010
Version: 2.1.1
Woefully angry and condescending support. Other than that it was a great diary app. YMMV.
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28 September 2009
Version: 1.2
I love applications from MOApp and this one is no exception! There are tons of diary/note taking applications out there, but most of them are half-hearted solutions. At this point myDiary joins the game. I really like the polish and look & feel of the application and the best thing is that I can add images, movies or files to my entries. Sometimes I'm too tired to enter a lot of texts, so I make only a couple of notes and record a movie. This makes the process a lot faster after a really long day. When I have a little bit more time, I love to go deeper into my thoughts and write longer entries. myDiary helps me with some sophisticated text features. There is also a possibility to encrypt the whole diary, but I don't need it at all. I would love to see an improved backup functionality in a newer version, because the current one isn't sufficient for me. I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder regarding backups and it would be nice to specify different backup locations with different schedules. However, the current implementation should be more than enough for most of you. You should definitely download & try myDiary, it will be worth it, I promise.
23 August 2009
Version: 1.0
Hi Developer, Will you ever make a companion app for the iPhone? Will definitely influence my purchase decision. Some other diary apps already do, but I really prefer your work. Hope you will consider.
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24 July 2009
Version: 0.9.3b
Excellent App! Very nice GUI and easy to use.I'm running it on a G4 Powerbook with 10.5.7
14 July 2009
Version: 0.9b
I downloaded and tried to run the app. It looked like it opened, but did not open the app. I opened the force quit screen and could not find it running. Running PPC 10.4