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PhotoStyler is the easiest way to style your digital photos with your Mac. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple's core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules. PhotoStyler supports all image formats that are supported by MacOS including RAW images.

PhotoStyler doesn't require any special skills or knowledge. Need a sepia? Drop the "Monochrome" filter to the chain and check the "Sepia" checkbox. Want some scratches on the photo to make it look old? Drop the "Scratches" filter to the
What's New
Version 6.7:
  • Facebook integration fixed.
  • Sharing settings reset added.
  • Presets import and export added.
  • New built-in presets and resources.
Intel, OS X 10.7 or later

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PhotoStyler User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 6.x:
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Emmanuel_a3f43eb2 reviewed on 29 Mar 2013
Super easy to use and incredibly powerful. No other program has been able to do what this application can do with such ease and speed. I've used similar programs but they tend to have the same exact or similar filters, this application on the other hand can do a lot more and in a much cooler way.
[Version 6.5.3]



Magosilvan reviewed on 27 Oct 2012
Simple yet powerful app with a rich number of presets (try Capuccino effect for instance) and a good support from the developer.
[Version 6.5.2]



Macatak reviewed on 15 Oct 2012
Has potential. Amazing range of presets.
Some observations (if developers read these things):
- when app first launches and you choose an image, it opens image with the presets selector, with no obvious way to just get to the plain image and then work with it
- if you close that window and open a subsequent image, it opens to an editing space; this is my expected behaviour; however, opens half-way off the screen! need to reposition window
- then you can add filters
- this initial launch behaviour can be modified in Preferences, to open a new blank project by default and show the Library; to me, this should be the default behaviour, but obviously the developers do not, so fine, but at least make it clear, perhaps with a button at the top, how to open the plain photo in a workspace
- when viewing the Library, it is not clear how to apply the effects; for example, when applying a frame design, you'd think double-clicking would add the texture, wood let's say, but it does not; you have to drag the texture on to the palette, but holy cow, the Library is positioned over top of that filter dialog, so you have to move it; I am working on a MacBook Pro, so clearly the screen real estate is a factor, but I don't like that design; make the toolbars/palettes/libraries/presets/whatever all snap as docked screens on the side or bottom by default, resizing the centre image workspace, so that then they can be undocked as a user chooses, so as to clearly present to the user the options available
- look at apps such as opens with a default set of toolbars and palettes (floating mind you, but still visible!), that are easily customisable, but right from the get-go you have access to the core functions of the app; that's the paradigm folks are used to, IMHO
- some windows do not focus properly; oddly, the About window shows up behind the Library; I am not a programmer, but that surely is not how something like that should work
- if you have a workspace open and want to see Presets, you have to use a keyboard shortcut or choose a menu option; once the Presets screen opens, there is no (obvious) way to get back to the other screen
- right now, the app is a bit haphazard in its design layout, with odd window behaviours and some aspects not terribly intuitive
- you could avoid much of this by making the first Preset as 'none' or something suitable
- this is just my opinion!
- at version 6, I am somewhat surprised these elements still exist
- I see some of these issues, interestingly, are addressed in the Neatberry online FAQ; my view is if the issue has to be addressed in an FAQ, it needs to be changed in the app as a default behaviour, generally, or that function revisited and revised to make it more intuitive
- add comprehensive watermarking tools and PhotoStyler has the potential to be the ultimate styler app
[Version 6.5.1]

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Neatberry (developer) replied on 15 Oct 2012
Thanks a lot for the detailed comment. We'll do our best to ake the UI more obvious and clean in version 7.


Vroller reviewed on 03 Dec 2011
Nice App, perhaps a bit complex for a basic user. Nice effects and frames. not really important but the icon is a copy/clone of instagram.
good app
[Version 6.0.1]

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Neatberry replied on 08 Dec 2011
If you miss some features - let us know, the app is 80% built by users requests.

Regarding the icon - not quite. "Instagram" icon is just a real-world camera, "Polaroid 600" actually. Our icon is a kind of compilation of the instant-cam basement, pro lens and flash. It's designed to show that PhotoStyler can produce styling and low-level processing as well, i.e. is "widely focused".


Polkadot reviewed on 11 Nov 2011
PhotoStyler is one of the best programs of it's kind, IMHO, getting better with each release.
It's value is increased by an outstanding and very responsive customer support. After submitting a problem report I received an updated test version almost immediatly, two days later an official update was released.
[Version 6.0.1]


Zx81 commented on 19 Mar 2011
I was not aware that Photostyler now "belonged" to a company called Neatberry and thet Corner-A had somehow been bought over ; from their site : "Our employes worked for AppsForLife and CornerA software brands".
Well, I'd hate to be pessimistic, but this kind of move rarely led to something positive (RIP : Mori, Iview, MyPhotoEdit)
Wait & see.
Notes for the 5.3 update : "Since version 5.3 PhotoStyler is owned by the Neatberry vendor. All current licenses are valid and there are no charges planned, however, app Id was changed and it will query for license data and some other params. Visit product F.A.Q. page to get few tips about migration."
I wonder what "some other params" are.
[Version 5.3]

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Zx81 replied on 19 Mar 2011
From the Photostyler FAQ, how to update to the new Neatberry app and fix some problems :
"Since version 5.3 PhotoStyler is represented by Neatberry software vendor, not Corner-A. Old licenses are still valid and there is no need to purchase a new one, however, application bundle Id was changed and the app asks license data yet again. Plus, user textures and presets library is not visible. How to fix this? Quite simple, You must open ~/Library and locate some data there. First is com.corner-a.PhotoStyler.plist file located in the Preferences sub-folder, rename it to the com.neatberry.PhotoStyler. This will keep old license data and app’s preferences. Second, open Application Support and rename Corner-A Library folder to the Neatberry Library – this will move old presets and textures to the new app. All above is easier to do before the first run of the new app!"

Couldn't they fix it themselves?
Neatberry (developer) replied on 23 Mar 2011
This case is strongly different. Corner-A & AppsForLife were "allied" vendors with some number of mutual projects, co-compaigns of advertising and so on. Now we have a single vendor, single website, single support e-mail, single store with cross-sales discounts and special offers. But there are still the same guys behind the scene working on this software. For instance, I'm still the main developer of the PhotoStyler and LightFrame.
Neatberry (developer) replied on 23 Mar 2011
Forgot to reply about this renames. Well, I though about managing this in auto-mode, but I personally hate software that changes anything on my machine at it's taste. It's just IMHO, but I really prefer a manual import of old data, for instance. I must be able to use older version of the app if I want to (PhotoStyler licenses are valid since version 1.0 and downgrade can be performed anytime). So, I thought it's not a bit point to re-enter the license or rename a file. Most people don't extend the Library and use built-in presets and textures - no changes for them at all.


Sealos reviewed on 14 Feb 2011
I purchased this in a mini-bundle with Photostyler and I'm very pleased with the apps so far.

I had a small issue with LightFrame and the dev made an immediate fix and updated the software.

The only thing that is keeping me from giving it higher than a 4 is the general lack of documentation. The dev is VERY accessible, but it would be nice to have a detailed set of documentation.
[Version 5.2.1]

Malreynolds commented on 14 Feb 2011
Would love to get this but I'm still running OS X 10.5.

If I do buy this, will my activation code work for the older version for 10.5? And when and if I do upgrade to 10.6, will I be able to install or upgrade to the newer version with the same activation code?
[Version 5.2]

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Corner-A (developer) replied on 14 Feb 2011
Yes, the license is valid for ALL versions. You can get version for 10.5 from the app website and upgrade later.


Patoche reviewed on 17 Oct 2010
Every new version change for the better.. Il like very much this last one...
On my Mac Pro the preview are blazing quick, and gives good idea for new treatments.
Very good work, thanks to the dev, it is apps like this one that make me loving the Mac.
Now if you can go with a preset called Leica style... ;-)
[Version 4.5]


Julsa1 commented on 05 Sep 2010
Very nice app if programms like Photoshop are "too much".
Easy to use and the results are great !
Developer is quick in response and provides great service !
Worth every penny !
[Version 4.1]

IzzyRoberts had trouble on 22 Aug 2012
Please can you offer a step by step to masking, I want to create a 'Colour splash' but it doesn't seem to working. Not sure if it is me or the app. Many thanks.
[Version 6.4]


PETERTRINIDAD4633 rated on 10 Dec 2013

[Version 6.7]

apanoho rated on 12 Sep 2013

[Version 6.6]

katlinquinn rated on 28 Aug 2013

[Version 6.6]

tomhalperin6830 rated on 02 Apr 2013

[Version 6.5.3]

Monoplay rated on 21 Mar 2013

[Version 6.5.3]

Illidrium rated on 17 Mar 2013

[Version 6.5.3]


Moogan rated on 22 Jan 2013

[Version 6.5.3]

jeroth rated on 15 Oct 2012

[Version 6.5.1]

Ypmajor rated on 15 Oct 2012

[Version 6.5.1]

Vincemc rated on 15 Oct 2012

[Version 6.5.1]

Version Downloads:3,240
Type:Multimedia Design : Image Editing
Date:30 Oct 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $29.99
Overall (Version 6.x):
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PhotoStyler is the easiest way to style your digital photos with your Mac. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple's core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules. PhotoStyler supports all image formats that are supported by MacOS including RAW images.

PhotoStyler doesn't require any special skills or knowledge. Need a sepia? Drop the "Monochrome" filter to the chain and check the "Sepia" checkbox. Want some scratches on the photo to make it look old? Drop the "Scratches" filter to the chain. Need a glow, an annotation, shadows, 3D-look with perspective? Well, you know what to do... You can combine any number of filters and save the chain as a preset. A built-in presets library contains prepared styles so you can preview and adjust your photo variations in seconds.

  • Lomo, polaroid, cross-processing, sepia, black & white, scratches and ragged corners - Everything is made with incredible speed and simplicity.
  • A Presets library gives you an easy way to re-use interesting filter combinations. Tens of pre-built presets give you a good starting point and endless photo styling possibilities.
  • Framing tools are simple yet powerful: you can apply color, textured, glass, matte and vignette.
  • Choose a part of the image to apply the filter to: the new masking tool allows you to adjust the filter area and power with great accuracy.
  • Just one click to apply auto-levels or auto-contrast, unsharp mask and noise reduction.

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