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PHP BBEdit Clipping Set3.5

01 July 2009

Contains entries for more than 9,200 PHP functions and more.


PHP BBEdit Clipping Set... This set contains entries for more than 9,200 PHP functions, methods, properties, constants, and control structures. This set was created primarily from the official PHP documentation but includes some original code as well.

What's new in PHP BBEdit Clipping Set

Version 3.5:
  • all clippings (optionally) conform as closely as possible to the Zend/PEAR style guides
  • removed hundreds of duplicate clippings (mostly constants)
  • removed "cruft" (primarily from Snippets and Control Structures)
  • reorganized clippings into more logical folder structures
  • based this set on a very recent version of the manual
  • the set now includes more than 9,200 functions, constants, methods, properties, snippets, control structures and more
  • added additional "interactive" functionality to some date functions (I could never remember exactly which switches to use when formatting dates)
  • the set now includes class methods and properties
  • renamed the clipping set to just "PHP.php" (except for the "Loose" version, see page for details)

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