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WoW Blog Reader1.0

23 June 2009

Get the latest info on everything World of Warcraft.


WoW Blog Reader...LoL Software has created an easy to use but powerful blog reader pre-loaded with the coolest World of Warcraft blogs around.

When you play World of Warcraft it's important to have access to the most recent and up to the minute information on class changes, boss strategies, daily quests, new add-ons and world events.

We have taken the time to compile all the best blogs about World of Warcraft so you can have these blogs on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can also easily add your favorite blogs on any topic via the "Add Blog via URL" or "Search Blog via Keyword" features and then file them where you want them.

The WoW Blog Reader features include:

  • Pre-loaded links to class focused blogs by category: Druid, Paladin, Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
  • Search for new Blogs via Keyword
  • Add Blog via URL
  • Read blogs offline (text only)
  • Checks for new Blog posts when you launch
  • Delete, move or add blogs
  • Email blog posts to your friends
  • View posts in Safari
  • Unread posts indicated by number
  • Help for Blog Reader functions

If your favorite blog is not included just add it to your 'MyBlogs' category. When you add it you have the option to suggest it to LoL Software to be included in the next FREE update. If you're a blogger and would like your blog to be included in an LoL Blog Reader you can also add the blog URL to your 'MyBlogs' category and suggest it to LoL Software.

Even if a particular blog post contains only a small amount of info you can always click the "open in Safari" button to read more.

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