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22 June 2009

Snap pictures of your friends aura's.


iAura iconlet's you capture the energy fields all around you with iAura right on with your iPhone/iPod Touch! Just take a picture of anyone you want, and iAura will generate a picture of their aura and give you a brief description of the colors and vibes they give off.

Maybe your boss really does suck the energy out of everyone. Take his picture and see if it's black. Maybe your mailman is a really a creative, spiritual yellow. The weird chick in class? She might really be on a higher plane of consciousness if she radiates purple. Who knows? Take a pic and see what you've never seen before with iAura!

iAura isn't just random, try it at different times of the day, and in different places and see how they change your energy! Take a picture of your friends and get a glimpse of their true colors.

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