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FaceReader for Mac1.0.1

21 July 2010

Learn to read facial expressions.

What is FaceReader for Mac

FaceReader is the premier facial expression training tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unlock the seven universal emotions to become an expert at reading people by learning to recognize subtle expressions and micro-expressions, which appear involuntarily on the face for a fraction of a second.

Micro-Expressions are shown on the face for a fraction of a second, before someone is consciously aware that anything has happened. Coupled with subtle expressions, which are expressions displayed only on specific parts of the face, more information is on the face of someone speaking to you than in their words.

FaceReader is a training tool that works where ever you take your iPhone: your training can be done at any convenient time -- during travel or even while waiting for a date. Within the first hour of training, you will immediately see the practical results of accurately identifying the emotions on anyone\'s face in real-world situations.

FaceReader Features:

  • Self-paced training course
  • Covers detailed expressions of the seven universal emotions:
    • Sadness
    • Anger
    • Fear
    • Surprise
    • Disgust
    • Contempt
    • Happiness
  • Unlimited evaluation and tuning of your face-reading skills
  • Train to recognize micro-expressions down to 1/20th of a second
  • Teaches how to distinguish between similar expressions

What's new in FaceReader

Version 1.0.1:
  • Minor usability tweaks, performance updates

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