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Anytime Golf: Magic Touch free download for Mac

Anytime Golf: Magic Touch1.3

18 November 2010

3D golf.


Anytime Golf: Magic Touch features include:

Stunning graphics: Enjoy highly detailed modeling displayed in smooth interactive 3D. You will agree--this is one of the best looking games on iPhone!

Intuitive interface: Slide your finger down across the touch surface to perform your backswing, then flick up for the downswing. Your skill and grace controls the power and accuracy of your shot!

Tournament mode: Unlock new challenges by competing in 9 and 18 hole competitions. There are 6 challenges total!

Practice mode: Not up for a full 9 or 18? Hit the driving range and hone your game!

What's new in Anytime Golf: Magic Touch

Version 1.3:
  • Enhanced graphics makes better use of latest iPhones (3G S or newer required) - including higher quality textures, improved special effects and better background scenery

  • Terrain altimeter - the \"floating\" camera now displays a \"slice\" of the terrain between the ball and where you\'re aiming

  • Course map - an overhead map of the course gives you another perspective on the lay of the land

  • Smoother physics - including a bug fix for a rare issue that would cause the ball to \"never stop rolling\"

  • Gameplay tweaks - adjusted the difficulty of certain putting situations

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