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11 June 2009

Create lists and voice memos.


reQallicon for iPhone is a free, downloadable application that makes your iPhone the true hub of your digital life. reQall captures tasks and ideas using your voice, automatically organizes your information, integrates with your Outlook or Google Calendar, shares reminders with others and provides proactive memory assistance via the revolutionary reQall Memory Jogger. With a free reQall Standard account:

  • Speak or type your reminders into your iPhone; reQall will convert what you say to text (up to 30 seconds recording time).
  • Get your items organized automatically. reQall recognizes dates and times (including recurring dates) and certain keywords ("buy," "meet" and "note").
  • Receive timely reminders via email or IM. In addition, reQall's Standard Memory Jogger constantly displays a summary of what you need to remember right now.
  • Share reminders with your friends, family and co-workers, using your iPhone's contact list.
  • Call, email, or browse from within reQall items.
  • Shake your iPhone for a EureQa! experience. Did reQall show you something you forgot?
  • Connect anywhere your iPhone has a data connection, worldwide. If you work offline, reQall syncs itself when you reconnect.
With a paid reQall Pro account, you get all of the above plus:
  • Organize your items by location. In addition, reQall recognizes "at home" and "at work" in your speech or text.
  • Get up-to-the-minute memory assistance. Pro Memory Jogger constantly analyzes your situation (time, location and upcoming calendar items) and anticipates your memory needs.
  • Add items by voice or text directly to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Tasks.
  • Assign your To-Dos into groups that you create and name.
  • Receive reminders via SMS text message.
  • Create, delete and change the status of items via email.

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  • This app is only available for iOS devices

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