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TimeJot: a time log / journal free download for Mac

TimeJot: a time log / journal1.2.2

11 June 2009

Keep a timed log of when things happen.


TimeJot is a time-based journal, for all situations where you need to keep a log of when things happen. TimeJot is perfect for tracking:
  • When and for how long you go jogging, to the gym, or exercise
  • When you take medication, to ensure you don't forget or double-dose
  • Any type of behavior modification effort, such as quitting smoking
  • Billable time
TimeJot lets you attach a note of any length to each log entry, which makes it perfect for:
  • Making a note of when and what you eat throughout the day if you are dieting or monitoring your food intake
  • Keeping a log of billable hours, with billing notes for each time block
Parents in particular may find TimeJot useful for keeping records for consultation with a professional:
  • Keep a time and temperature log for a child running a fever
  • Record nursing times and durations for a newborn or infant
  • Keep a record of young children's nap schedules
Time Jot is flexible:
  • Define as many separate time logs as you like
  • Record the duration of events (ex: how long you jog) or just when they occur (ex: when you take medication)
  • While timing an event, you can freely exit the TimeJot application and return to it later; the timer continues to run.
  • Email a complete report of logged events to yourself or a professional

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