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01 August 2009

Assists in the compression of large photos.


JPEGCompress is designed to assist in the compression of large photos, through an easy-to-use interface, for the purpose of distributing photos over the Internet.

With a simple \"point and click\" interface, JPEGCompress gives you the ability to fine tune your photo\'s compression level while making sure your photo stays within your size and dimension requirements.

What's new in JPEGCompress

Version 2.9.6:

The following enhancements have been made in this version...

  • Drag & Drop Support in the Batch Processing Wizard - All Platforms
    You may now drag multiple files, or a folder, onto the Batch Processing Wizard to add the files to the list of files to process. You may also drop folders or multiple files onto the JPEGCompress main window, and the Batch Process Wizard will automatically open and add the folder\'s files to the list.

  • AppleEvent Support - Mac OS X only
    JPEGCompress now supports AppleEvents, allowing it to automatically open files dropped onto it\'s icon within the Finder and via Drag & Drop operations. This ability was previously only available on the Windows version of JPEGCompress.

  • Online and Built-In Documentation - All Platforms
    The built in documentation will now load the most recent version of the JPEGCompress Documentation when connected to the internet. When not connected, the local version will be used. On Linux systems the system\'s Web browser will be loaded instead of the built-in viewer.

  • Image Effect Stacking - Mac OS X only
    Effects can now be applied to an image without wiping out the previous Effect. This ability was previously only available on the Windows version of JPEGCompress.

The following bugs have been resolved in this version...

  • Default Open and Save Folders - All Platforms
    Fixed an issue where the Default Opening and Saving folders were not being utilized.

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