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09 June 2009

Suite of custom plugins for Apple's Quartz Composer.


ACProcessorSuite is a suite of custom plugins for Apple's Quartz Composer, a realtime visual programming environment that comes free with Mac OS X (Developer Tools).

The suite contains:

  • ACPlotter: An Oscillator-like Line-Renderer, extremely useful to visualize a value, that is changing over time. Just hook it up to an LFO to see what it's doing.
  • ACStructureTools: Pop & push for structures (= QC Arrays)
  • ACSignalEnhancer: Various smoothing & scaling algorithms to improve (for example) incoming sensory data. With ACSignalEnhancer it is easily possible to scale values from a range of say 100 .. 255 to e.g. -1 .. +1. Supported modes are: Raw, Average, Smooth, Relative, Drop.
  • ACAverage: Smoothing values by averaging (like ACSignalEnhancer, but with much less options and easier to use)
  • ACInputMerger: Logic input selector (forward input A or B)
  • ACNumberStore: Delay patch (stores & outputs the previous value)
  • Unpack .zip file
  • Copy "ACProcessorSuite.plugin" to "~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/" (Create this directory if necessary).
  • Restart QuartzComposer. You will find the new plugins under the Category ("Plug-Ins")
  • Delete "~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/ACProcessorSuite.plugin"

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