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09 June 2009

Track sales of apps.


AppRankings...Whether you are a developer anxiously watching your app sales, or just a fan with favorite apps you like to track, AppRankings gives you the quickest way to follow App Store rankings of multiple iphone apps.

Simply search by app name, developer, or keywords to find an app, then add it to the tracking list in any of the App Store categories or countries. The app's top 100 ranking will then automatically be retrieved. You can track as many different apps in any categories or countries as you want, both paid and free. Refresh the list as often as you like, and movement up or down in rankings for each app tracked is shown. A full history is also saved that you can view graphically to see rankings over time.

AppRankings features include:

  • Track an unlimited number of apps.
  • Track an app in any App Store category (including All Apps and All Games) or country.
  • Track both paid and free apps.
  • Display a graphical history of each tracked app, going back to the first time you began tracking.
  • Easily track the same app in several different countries or categories, with the "clone" function.
  • Rearrange the list of apps into any order.

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