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Space Pirates1.0

08 June 2009

Plunder the universe for treasure.


Space Pirates is a game of galactic warfare. Buy and outfit your ship. Consult your treasure map. Plunder the universe. Wager your skills on the pirate battlefield. Collect riches and build to your final destiny... The Black Planet.

She's a beautiful ship. Fast as lightning. An unbreakable hull. Smitty tells me we're not ready, but untold riches call to my very soul. The Black Planet. Many have gone, none have returned. Sheep... all sheep. We're ready. I feel it in my bones. The shields are full, the weapons are charged. The Glaxic patrols bore me. The wagering smugglers and their tales.

If you liked iShoot or any artillery style games, weapons, guns, turn-based strategy, collecting money, blowing stuff up... Space Pirates is for you!

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