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Force Archer for Mac1.1

05 June 2009

Turn based archery battle simulator.

What is Force Archer for Mac

In Force Archer the player must choose the angle, power and the target carefully to defeat opponents one by one and reveal new mystery characters to progress. Each character has special arrows that can intensify the damage to your opponent.

Inflict damage on your opponents by striking them repeatedly with your arrows or go for broke and get a critical hit on their skull!

Each character possesses unique archery weapons to attack and magic power to heal themselves.

As you progress in the game, you will fight in new terrain and your opponents and wind speed will increase in strength.

In this first version you will battle:

Vlasta, whom according to Bohemain legend, were Amazonian women who started the "Maiden's war" against all men. Her magic arrows are Fire and Ice.

Diomedes, who in mythology is the name of the Tyrant of Thrace whom fed his horses strangers who wandered into his kingdom. This skeleton's weapons are derived from Bone and Split.

Golem, an animate being created entirely form inanimate matter. This green terror is created from rock. Beware, his magic arrows are infused with Curse and Poison.

Mercury, the messenger god in Greek mythology was a god of tradesman and thieves. His arrows of choice are from Sparks and Cannon.

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